70 Anni di attività Danesi Munizioni


Danesi Munizioni has its roots around 100 years ago, back in 1920, when the founder Nazareno Danesi began marketing hunting ammunition, driven by the passion already very present in the Casentino area, one of the verdant valleys of Pratomagno where it is located still our company.

The passion for hunting has been passed down from generation to generation, to the point of maintaining a purely family-run management over the years.

In 1948 Raffaello Danesi, son of the founder Nazareno, managed with his own dedication to transform the commercialization of ammunition into a small laboratory for the production of a few hundred hunting cartridges for personal use. This is the real beginning of our production, initially destined to a few friends of the area who immediately appreciated its artisan quality.

In the following years the small production became a flourishing business, buying new machinery and expanding the business area destined for loading. Over the years, the small workshop has become one of the most popular and renowned caricatures in Tuscany.

Following in the footsteps of his grandfather and father, in 1971 Luigi and Franco Danesi carried out the production successfully, experimenting with new products for different types of hunting and selecting the best ones among them. It is at this stage that the market of the Tuscany region is consolidated, a success also due to the personal experience of the two brothers.

In 1995, with the entry of the fourth generation of Danesi, the brothers Alfiero and Francesca, the Danish Munitions experienced further expansion and expansion through the creation of increasingly innovative products and a more marked focus on the logic and optimization of production processes.

In 2012, the activity underwent a new increase, strengthening the production department with the addition of new machinery. Thanks to the partnership with the current sales agents and to the presence at various trade fairs, since these years the market has been enlarged at national level, covering all the regions.

Today, the Danesi Munizioni is available to all hunters of the national territory, from Sicily to Val D'Aosta. Passion for hunting, product quality, technological innovation are the values ??of our business, which over the years has always kept the customer's needs at the center of its objectives.

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